LabToad Timers and Calculators

LabToad Timers and Calculators 1.21

A set of timers and lab calculators all in one package, for use at home or the lab.

A set of timers and lab calculators all in one package, for use at home or the lab.

LabToad is the most versatile, complete, and beautiful timer and calculator application you'll ever find! Simple enough to be used at home and powerful enough to be used in the lab. Features count up, count down, and alarm timers, with calculators for molarity, molar masses, C1V1 and A:B dilutions, unit conversions (with over 500 units), and more. Create as many timers and calculators as you wish in a friendly and slick user-interface.

- Slick, friendly, responsive user interface

- Create unlimited timers & calculators

- Save timers & calculators to disk

- Multiple steps for count-down timers

- 35 different types of laps

- Save laps & history to disk, readable by Excel

- Timers work up to the year 3000

- Email & text-message notifications

- Popup notifications

- Always-on-top timers

- Replicate timer settings

- A:B dilution calculator

- C1V1 dilution calculator

- Molar mass calculator

- Unit converter (500+ units)

- Counters with timers

- Plugins for converters & mass calculators

While LabToad was designed for the scientist, we have made it easy enough to use by anyone who simply wants a basic timer application.

LabToad combines many tools for both work at home and in the lab into one single application. Count-down timers can easily be split up into different steps, with all timers having support for up to 35 different types of laps. LabToad's calculators allow you to calculate molar masses, dilutions, and molarities, as well as the ability to convert between over 500 different measurement units. All your timers and calculators can be saved to disk and re-loaded at a later time.

LabToad Timers and Calculators


LabToad Timers and Calculators 1.21

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